Mary works for a broad range of clients in editorial, publishing and advertising. Please see below a selection of images from Mary’s portfolio.

    Your Cat Magazine – London Cats
    Nursery World Magazine – Education Tree
    The Guardian – Family Recipe
    Midsummer Night’s Dream
    The Guardian – Grandma’s Pancakes
    Lost in the Wood
    You Magazine – 1950’s yard
    London Transport Museum – London Town
    Your Cat Magazine – Cornish kitten
    WI Life – Patchwork Quilt
    Your Cat Magazine – Travelling companion
    Your Cat Magazine – Best friend
    The Telegraph – Christmas Garden
    Mermaid of Zennor
    Sleeping Beauty
    WI Life – Baking competition
    Oranges – Moroccan cookery book
    WI Life – Visitor
    Time Out Guides – London for Children
    Sainsbury’s – Asia food Map
    Utne Magazine – Book group
    Your Cat Magazine – Flat in Paris
    House and Garden Magazine – Petra Food
    Knitting Magazine – Shop
    Boots – Spring Marketing Campaign
    Your Cat Magazine – Ghost Cats
    Spring Tree
    Your Cat Magazine – Greek Lunch
    Counting Fish – Numicon Educational Book
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