Christmas Jumpers At The Ready

Thursday, December 09, 2021

My flock have been busy making their Christmas jumpers. Many of them have beautiful pattern jumpers. Douglas has a fair isle pattern in reds and blues, Snowflake has a beautiful deep blue coat with a silver sparkle snowflake pattern and Noel brings festive cheer with his red and white diamond pattern jumper. See the full collection here. I have made up a limited flock for this Christmas so please order early to avoid disappointment. 


Snowflake Felted Sheep by Mary Kilvert


Douglas Felted Sheep by Mary Kilvert


Noel Felted Sheep by Mary Kilvert


Snowdrop Felted Sheep by Mary Kilvert

Candles and Soaps

I have a new range of soaps and candles, handmade in Devon with essential oils. Choose between Wild Rose scented with rose and geranium and Oriental Dream scented with frankincense, lavender and patchouli. To see the full range of soaps and candles please see my website.

Mixed Spice Candle

Mixed Spice Candle - Mary Kilvert

Lavender Fields Handmade Soap

Lavender Fields Handmade Soap - Mary Kilvert

Frankincense Handmade Soap

Frankincense Handmade Soap - Mary Kilvert

Wild Rose Candle

Wild Rose Soap - Mary Kilvert

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